Take a look below at some of Alan Mallyon's previous projects 

Elizabeth Led 

Some might call this a dream before Elizabeth1 made her speech at Tilbury

Inspired by an imaginary meeting with Nostradamus, where he foretold of things to come 

Fractured Minds 

My first go at making a full-length feature film. 

I suspect like every filmmaker, if I knew then what I know now,

An enormous learning curve.

And I have seen many of the actors go on to tv, film and theatre endevours and starring roles 

Falling for a songbird

Filmed in 2 days, set in the wonderful lake district 

A Drama set around a serious case of mistaken identity 

Roofied 4 The Antidote

Delighted to be working with Sammie Lei on her cathartic series of films 

This hard hitting urban independent film 

tells the story of Lucy a girl who decides too fight back 

   Pirates of the

fish & Chip shop 

Based o a real incident when my good freind Dave Garnet went to buy some fish and chips 

Dave was wearing an eye patch and the young boy thought he was a pirate 

Dave with a sence of humour played along and brought a boys dream to life 

bringing the whole fish and chip shop to laughter 

fractured minds      Premiere 

A great ending to a great adventure 

well-done cast & Crew and Thank you 

Alan Mallyon